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My Online Casino Bankroll brings you the best online sports betting sites for Canadians and International markets. We know how much Canadians love to watch the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA live and on TV. There is no better way to dive right into the action, by betting on your favorite sports teams. For our Europe, Asia, South America and Australia markets our sportsbook betting partners offers many sports including rugby, cricket, football and tennis just to name a few.

The Canadian and International online sportsbook sites that we recommend below are three of the best in the industry. With great competitive odds you can be sure to see your online sports betting bankroll grow. Also with fast cash outs and free bonus money to bet on your favorite teams are just some of the perks these online sportsbooks have to offer. In addition, they are the most trusted, reputable and honest online sportsbooks for Canadian and International markets.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or expert in online sports betting there is always a great atmosphere for everyone when it comes to online sports betting. From the beginning when you place your bets, to keeping track of the scores online. However, there is nothing better than watching the game in action when your team is on the line, it gives you an adrenaline rush!


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Best Canadian Sports Betting Sites

The best Canadian sports betting sites are the ones that are safe to place bets and reliable that you will be paid on time.  The Canada sports betting sites that we recommend accept Canadian dollars (CAD) so you can be sure you get the best odds and avoid paying extra fees like they charge at land based sportsbooks in Canada.

Canadian sportsbooks sites make it easy to place bets and provide recommendations for Canadian players. They also offer live support through chat, email or a toll free number.  You can be sure that if there is any problems with depositing or cashing out your questions will be answered in a timely manner.

Top Canada Sportsbooks for Canadians

We have recommended the top 3 Canadian sports betting sites in the industry because we feel that there are too many online sportsbooks out there.  So we have narrowed down the research and provided the safest and reliable ones.  Each of our Canadian sports betting sites offers a nice deposit bonus and endless amount of sporting events you can bet on.

So instead of just watching sports on TV for entertainment, take your Canadian sports betting game to the next level and start making money by researching your teams in advance and giving yourself an advantage at winning big money.

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