Instadebit is a system that allows you to make to payments to online casinos directly from you Canadian bank account.  The best feature is that it is free, there are no fees whatsoever. Instadebit charges the casino and not the customer(you).  It is one of the most popular choices for Canadians because your financial information is secured and you never have to release any of your details to the casino sites.  Setting up an account is easy, you have to enter your basic information and register at least one Canadian bank account.  Instadebit is a trusted payment processor and ensures privacy and security of your financial information.  You do not have to provide any kind of credit cards or upload any funds to your account.

Signing up for Instadebit is easy, you will need to provide your basic information as well as your SIN number, and the reason for this is to prove your identity.  As an extra security measure, every time you logon you will have to enter the last 3 digits of your SIN number.  Instadebit has a verification process when you register a bank account, they will deposit an amount less than $2 in order to verify your banking information is correct.  This is a security measure in order to prevent fraud.

Finally once you are verified, sending money will be instant and painless. Instadebit is a trusted, safe and secure payment processor for Canadians at online casinos.  To open up your Instadebit account, visit  To make a deposit click on the cashier then select Instadebit, your funds will appear instantly.

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