Entropay is another great option to consider. It is fast, secure and reliable.  Entropay is a virtual visa card that you can load funds on to.  Once the funds are loaded you can use the virtual visa card anywhere visa is accepted.  The great feature about a virtual visa card is that it limits the amount of money you can spend because you can only spend up to the balance you carry on your card.  You may also request a plastic MasterCard in which you can use at an online casino or anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Entropay is very secure, you can play at casinos online without sharing your virtual visa card. It also gives you the option of destroying older virtual credit cards or creating new ones.

When you first set up an Entropay account you will choose your language, then pick between 3 currencies which are Euro, GBP or US dollars.  If you are from Canada or another country that’s main currency is not listed, that is ok because Entropay will do the conversion rate when you deposit at an online casino.

To sign up for an Entroypay card is free, as well as depositing at an online casino is free.  When you load money on your virtual visa card through debit or credit card there is a fee of 4.95%.  Receiving money from and online casino or any other merchant will cost 1.95%.

Overall, Entropay is a very popular choice for players around the world.  It is efficient service, trustworthy and reliable. To open up your Entropay account go to www.entropay.com  Once your account is created, you can go to the online casino’s cashier and select Entropay or Visa as an option.  If you select Visa you will need to enter your details from your virtual credit card which can be found when you login into entropay.

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