Visa And MasterCard

Credit cards are a trusted payment method to make purchases online.  It is a global payment processor and recognized worldwide.  There are no extra fees when depositing with a credit card, and your credit card details is encrypted when you use this method.  Deposits are fast and the money will appear in your cashier immediately.  Depending on the currency you deposit with, there may be some exchange fees if you are exchanging from one currency to another.

When you register your credit card, you may be asked to send some documentation including a valid photo ID, a bill that shows your address that is dated within 6 months and the front of your credit card(you can blank out the middle numbers of your card).  As you can see the verification is strict when using a credit card and this is to prevent fraud.  Online casinos have a strict policy and they take matters very seriously.  This verification process could take after you make your deposit as well.

In general credit cards are safe and easy to use when depositing.  Most online casino sites do not let you withdraw back to your credit card.  You might have to use another method, this can include check withdrawals.  There have been lots of problems when using this method, and many times you will find that your credit card may get declined.  The reason for this is because Visa/Mastercard is trying to stay away from gambling sites.  This can be very frustrating for you, however we recommend you choose an alternative deposit method if your credit card gets declined.

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