Pokerstars launches Zoom Poker


Pokerstars has launched their own version of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker called Zoom Poker.  Players can play up to four tables at a time in real money and play money.  For those of you who did not play Rush Poker on Full tilt, it’s a very fast paced version of poker.

When you first sit down at a Zoom poker table, you are placed in a pool of players for the stake that you select.  Every time you fold your hand, you get moved to another table instantly with a new table of players.  When you get moved to another table, if you do not like your hand you can click the “Quick Fold” button which folds your hand, moves you to a new table with a new hand all withinin a few seconds.

During the beta launch of Zoom Poker, Pokerstars only offered really low limits, however  they have started to offer higher limits.  Zoom Poker allows players to see a lot more hands than regular ring tables, on average a player can see 200 hands an hour or more.

A site representative from Pokerstars wrote on the forum, “We will monitor performance today and if everything is going well we’ll add additional stakes tomorrow.”

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