Man finds $10,000 cash in Las Vegas Airport

Picture yourself walking around in the busy Las Vegas airport waiting for your flight and suddenly you find two sealed envelopes that say the name Caesars Palace Casino on it.  Would you open it and take a peek inside? Give it to an employee at the airport?  Try and give it back to the owner?

Well this was the same situation a Colorado man by the name of Mitch Gilbert faced this week.  He found the two envelopes near a security checkpoint and figured there was money inside, but had no idea how much.

According to ABC news, Mitch and his wife waited for 30 minutes to see if anyone returned to claim the envelopes.  After that, he decided to go through security since they had to catch their own flight back home.

Mitch told ABC. “I’m in Las Vegas. If I hold up the envelope and say, ‘Who lost money?’, everyone will say, ‘I did!’

When Mitch got back home in Colorado, he opened the envelopes and there was $5,000 in each envelope.

Mitch called McCarran International Airport to see if anyone had reported losing a large amount of cash.   However, at the time there was no report of lost cash but airport officials could not take his contact information because it was against the rules.  Mitch said, he would keep calling back the airport to check.

Finally, about two weeks later, a call to the airport had paid off when a man from El Paso had called to say he had lost two  envelopes of cash.  Mitch was able to return the cash to him.  He later found out, that the man who lost the cash had dropped it while he was running to catch a flight.

Some people thought I was crazy to give it back,” the real estate businessman, told CNN. “I had to give it back. It wasn’t my money to start with.”

The man who lost the money insisted that Mitch keep $1000 as an award according to ABC.

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